If it's time you availed of the right storage facilities in your home, presenting the All Purpose Acrylic Box - acrylic storage boxes.

These storage boxes provide a secure home for all your jewelry as well as other precious home or office items. Accessories and jewelries are well preserved once stored in these acrylic storage boxes. These storage boxes, with a thick and sturdy acrylic construction, doubly ensure the safety of your possessions than conventional plastic boxes.

Storing jewelry is just one of its multiple purposes. You can use these Acrylic storage boxes in office, homes, in your closets, on your dressing table, etc. Store personal items like cell phones, car keys, sun glares in these storage organizers that provide for securely storing items inside.
These acrylic storage boxes have uniquely-designed, hinged lids that prevent the objects stored inside from toppling out.

The crystal clear body facilitates easy accessibility to items stored inside these storage boxes. 
  • Measurement:    1 7/8"H x 6 5/8"W x 4 5/8"D 
  •  Ideal for jewelry and other personal items
  • Crystal clear form for easy visibility



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Acrylic curiosity Box is a modern type case fit to display the most precious of knick-knacks and heirlooms.

It is suitable for gathering small items to make a personal tableau and since it does not take up much space visually.

It can be used in small spaces as well as in larger ones, together and alone. 
Dimensions:500mm(H)x400mm(w) x80mm(D)
Various designs are available 

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